Cannabis Sage Green

By The House of Hemp
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    Features of Hemp: Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free –
  • Hemp is a form of Cannabis Sativa. Clothes made of hemp under our franchise have zero-carbon footprint. One hectare of hemp agronomy can take in 22 tons of carbon dioxide from the air.
  • The cultivation of hemp doesn’t require any pesticide; thus, it’s free from harmful chemicals. Research says that hemp is capable of protecting skin from harmful UV rays. People with both normal and sensitive skin can wear hemp-made clothes effortlessly.
  • Clothes made from hemp are long-lasting and to some extent reusable as well. They have natural antimicrobial properties which safeguards it from microbes. This component even makes it preventive towards the growth of odor generating bacteria and fungus. Despite light weight they are tough, strenuous and breathable.
  • It is seen that the cultivation of hemp demands less land and water consumption in comparison to cotton. Hemp takes half land of cotton breeding and results in three times higher production. Research shows that help cultivation can actually save many water resources in the long-run. It recoups corrosion of the top soil caused for logging.
  • Handcrafted –
  • Weaved with precision and intricate hand embroidery, a fashion that is designed by the Indian Craftsman - connecting you with the nature in every thread. Come explore a new-age of style that is versatile and unique in every sense. Make hemp a part of your story. We bet, you are gonna definitely fall in love.
    Minimal Waste –
  • Hemp has a 0 Carbon footprint. It is the ultimate healing catalyst having the powerful ability of bringing our soil back to life by absorbing carbon and nitrogen out of the air and putting it back into soil!
  • Its cultivation doesn’t require any pesticides.
  • Hemp demands less land and water consumption in comparison to cotton or any other crop.
  • It helps in improving soil health by shading out weeds-reducing the need for synthetic herbicides and adding diversity to crop rotation.
  • To avoid dead stock our production is made to order. We try to make use of majority of our fabric waste by creating masks and accessories out of it.
Cannabis is a sage green knee length dress with cape sleeves topped with hand embroidery and pleats on the yolk.
Since the fabric contains dye and intricate work. Its advisable to dry clean only.
10-12 Days